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Science, Camera, Action! (SCA) is a fifteen-week program that combines hands-on, interactive climate change education with digital photography to empower youth to act as agents of sustainable change within their families and communities.

The SCA program encompasses diverse and complementary techniques, framed by the ‘Head, Heart, Hands’ model for sustainability education.

The SCA program was designed to support climate change knowledge through a series of carefully-designed, hands-on science activities that also aim to strengthen engagement with science by bringing awareness to the value of science in addressing real-world problems. Read more...

A primary aim of SCA is to empower youth to feel a sense of agency in the context of climate change through participatory action. In particular, photovoice methodology is used to bridge educational program content with youth-led climate change action. 


By participating in SCA, youth are encouraged to spearhead sustainable solutions, both through family action plans aimed at reducing household energy use and waste, as well as by designing and implementing collaborative, sustainability-targeted action projects to engage the wider community. Read more...


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